So I have had the shifter for a while now and just now got it put into place.  This is the Lokar  ATS6700AN which is the Nostalgia Shifter designed for the 700R4 transmission.

It has a mount that bolts to the tail shaft bolts of the transmission and a couple brackets on the side the have tension rods that fit into the transmission body.  It feels very secure. All of the nuts are nyloc and the washers are all lock washers.  I don’t think this is going anywhere.





I got everything put together and then mounted it onto the transmission.  Once on the transmission there was a bit of adjusting and then setting the linkage into place.






As you can see from this photo I ordered the 24″ shifter and it might be a bit too long.  I want the old school\rat fink look but this may be too much.


I will see during this weekend.  Right now stage 2 is on the truck and heading this way. So I will have the body and windshield to be able to at least sit in place and see how tall this shifter is.  I may have to find a source for a shorter shifter handle.