Yesterday stage 2 for my Hot Rod was delivered by FFR and Stewart Transport.  This shipment had some of the big parts like the body, doors, trunk, exhaust and several other things.  A fellow FFR builder came over and helped me get the car to the drive way and then on to the frame.  It makes quite a bit of difference seeing it with the body on.


I don’t have any of the body bolted on but I needed it on the frame so I could start making some measurements for various items.  I found that there is very little room behind the dash in front of the steering wheel.  That is the location of the master cylinders and break lines. There appears to only be a half inch or so between the dash and lines.


After Ryan left I opened up a couple of the boxes to include the one with the seats.  I unwrapped them and put them into the car just to be able to see what they looked like.  It also gave me a chance to sit in the car and make car noises for a little while.


One thing I discovered during this time was the break pedal is way far forward from where it should be.  From where my gas pedal will be I have to move my foot and leg back probably 10 to 12 inched.  This is way to far and I need to find out how to move it back.


Tonight I will do the inventory on the 4 remaining boxes and start a list of missing items.  First item on the list is the transmission tunnel.  It was not with the body and there is no way it is in any of the remaining boxes. It is either still on the truck, which I have already talked to the driver, or it is still at FFR.

This weekend will probably see the installing of the exhaust system.

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