Since I got my Stage 2 delivery I could start work on one of the major parts I had been waiting on, the exhaust.  And yes, I did go back and flip the muffler over so the tip was not so far out.



The Factory Five exhaust is all stainless steel and is designed to exit out the side of the car right in front of the rear wheels. There is a sheet metal piece that sticks to the corner of the fiberglass and they expect us to cut the fiberglass and run the exhaust out the side of the body.  For now I am just putting the end of the exhaust under the frame of the car.




After I got the exhaust and mufflers up I pulled the shifter base off the transmission and put the shifter rod and knob back in place.  I was unable to do it mounted to the car because the dash way in the way.

I have not put the floor pans back on yet because just looking at the muffler I was thinking about how hot it was going to be.  So I think I am going to wrap the mufflers and the exhaust pipes.  I am also going to spray another layer of heat shield on the floor pan just because I have it and it will not hurt any.



For some it may seem wrong to wrap such nice exhaust system but not for me.  This is not going to be a show car and I would rather the wife and I not sweat while out for a drive.  I can always pull the wrap off if we need it to show later.


After this was done I started working on the wiring again.  I now have the headlights, high beam, turn signals, and parking lights all wired.  I also wired the electric fan power and got most of the horn done. Looks like I will have to remove the grill to finish wiring the horn.  I can’t get my hands in there to get the wires plugged in.



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