Final Back orders are in

The final box from FFR has arrived.  It was the interior upholstery parts to include the water fall cover, door panels, arm rest, and center console. I have to say that I do like the looks of the new parts. While just setting them on the car they snapped right into place.       […]

Back to wiring

So I went back to wiring once the wheels were ordered.  I cut a small square of sheet metal and put a couple holes in it and then filed across it. I then drilled the four holes and mounted the cut-off switch on it.         Next step was to drill a larger […]

Wheels Ordered

So it has been a while but I have gotten some work done on it.  I pulled the body off the saw horses and got it onto the frame.      I clamped it to the firewall and then measured the dash to the cowl and set it at the required 45.5″. I put the spacers […]