Still working on getting it running.

So yesterday I got into the garage early and was looking forward to getting the motor started.  I put the battery close to the battery cables and connected it.  Well, first I tested the voltage and found around 12.5 volts, then I hooked it up.  Did not want to find and issue after putting it […]

Getting close to starting the motor

So yesterday I finished the plumbing and plugged all the leaks in the cooling system. That mostly involved putting on a couple hose clamps on the short heater hose I am using to bypass the heater core.  Then putting a couple plugs in a couple holes in the heads.   With that done I started […]

Front of Engine done

I bought the V-Belt pulley drive system by Eddie Motorsports. ( I wanted this one for two reasons… One, the V-Belts seem to be more old school which is what I am trying to do with this car. Second, it is anywhere from $900 to $1,200 cheaper than the single belt system. It cost $1,220.00 […]

Forwards and backwards…

It seems that every time I get something done I have to un-do it.  This time it was the engine and exhaust being installed.  I figured out that the engine front assembly was not going to work.  I am going to have to get something else.  In measuring it I figured out that I was […]

Carb Converted and Rebuilt

So I decided to rebuild the carburetor that my dad gave me and also to convert it. The carburetor is a Holley 4160 which has vacuum secondaries and two float bowls with fuel inlets. The 4160 only has one metering block and for the secondaries it uses a metering plate. This metering plate only allows […]

Getting the bling

So I drove over to Summit Racing and picked up a new alternator because the one I had looked old and was not chrome.  While I was there I went ahead and picked up a new adjusting rod so I could get it closer to the valve cover and not so far out of the […]

Brackets going in

So I finally gave up on trying to get the stock brackets to work for me. I bought a set of brackets that did not work and took them back and ordered a couple March Performance brackets from Summit Racing. This is the AC bracket and compressor and as you can see it does not […]

A few more steps forward

So after pulling the motor, putting the motor back in and pulling it again, I finally got the torque converter to seat properly. After having set the valve lash I also went ahead and sealed up the valve covers with the gasket.           I got the motor back in and installed […]

One Step Forward, Twelve Steps Back

  So on Sunday the motor was in and the headers on and everything was looking good until I tried to turn the crank. It would not move. I figured it was the torque converter (TC) not being seated and started to pull the motor again. So, I had to pull the headers, the distributor, […]

Headers are on, soon to be off.

So yesterday I got to install the Summit Racing headers that came in. I also installed the pugs and plug wires to see how everything was going to look. I bought the black non-High temp painted headers because the ones that are powder coated lost their warranty if used for breaking in a motor. I […]

For want of brackets

I wanted to start mounting everything on front of the motor so I could finally get it started.  I started digging thought all of the brackets I removed from the Vette before pulling the motor.  I could not find any brackets for the alternator. I went back and looked at the pictures I took before […]

Spark Plug Wires

  I finally found a set of wire looms that I liked and that fit the center bolt valve covers.  So I got them mounted and the stabbed the distributor and started fitting the plug wires. Once I got here I took the pictures and then put the ends and boots on the other end […]

The motor is in

Last night I pulled out the transmission and cleaned it up with some de-greaser. It took a while to get all the oil and power steering fluid off of it from all the leaks the 89 Vette had. Once cleaned and blown dry I bolted it to the motor and got it on to the […]