Stage 2 ordered and work goes on

So we ordered stage 2 at the first of June and it is scheduled to be completed on July 28th. Stewart Transport has said that they are planning to pick up on July 30th to Aug 3rd and delivery will then be 7 to 10 days.  It just depends on what order they go onto […]

Work continues

  So after I got the block ready for the machine work it was early enough I could keep working.  I put sand into my new sandblaster and cleaned and painted some of the parts I will be using.                 I finished drilling the floor pan for the […]

Cleaning the Garage

So after the inventory on Sunday and most of Monday we cleaned on the garage more.  My wife really really wanted some of the shelves cleaned off and things moved around so we did.  I also built the sand blasting cabinet that has been sitting in the box for the last 4 months or so. […]

It’s here!

On Saturday Jerry showed up with the FFR semi and delivered my hot rod.  Here is the customary photo of the delivery truck getting ready to unload my car.   We got the frame and the boxes all into the garage. On Sunday my wife and I inventoried all of the boxes and just about […]

My build thread.

It has started, my Hot Rod has been completed and is on the truck en route to the house. Below here is a photo that Factory Five took for me of the car chassis in the jig getting welded up.  It has been a long time coming as I have been thinking about getting this […]