Still working on getting it running.

So yesterday I got into the garage early and was looking forward to getting the motor started.  I put the battery close to the battery cables and connected it.  Well, first I tested the voltage and found around 12.5 volts, then I hooked it up.  Did not want to find and issue after putting it […]

Carb Converted and Rebuilt

So I decided to rebuild the carburetor that my dad gave me and also to convert it. The carburetor is a Holley 4160 which has vacuum secondaries and two float bowls with fuel inlets. The 4160 only has one metering block and for the secondaries it uses a metering plate. This metering plate only allows […]

Check out my rear end.

This has been a productive weekend.  Finally found the correct seals for the axles and got them installed.  Installed a new pinion seal as well. I then painted the rear end, put on the break mount, installed the axles, added the gear oil and put on the new chrome differential cover.       While […]

No time but new parts

  No time to work on the car yesterday but I did get some new parts. UPS showed up and delivered the adjustable rear control arms for a four link rear end.   Now I just need to find the rear end. These parts will allow me to adjust the position of the rear end. […]

Getting the Gas Going

  Started on the fuel tank yesterday.   Got it into place and the mounts drilled and then put in the sheet metal that goes under it and got it drilled as well.           Center of the tank the tank with the hose attached to it is the vent.  Next to […]

Carb and Intake Located

So went to Mom and Dad’s over the 4th of July weekend and got to snooping through the shop.  I know that both dad and I have some motors and parts in the shop.  I found a Holley Double Pumper and a Weiand intake.  I asked dad about them and he said the came off […]