Rear Axle cut away for Shocks

Yesterday I put the rear shocks back on after cutting down the mounts to clear the spring. This is required when using the QA1 shocks instead of the Konis. I also went to put the end on the braided lines for the transmission lines only to find I really need to have some new tools.  […]

No time but new parts

  No time to work on the car yesterday but I did get some new parts. UPS showed up and delivered the adjustable rear control arms for a four link rear end.   Now I just need to find the rear end. These parts will allow me to adjust the position of the rear end. […]

Flipping Fun

  Had to flip the shocks on the hot rod over for clearance reasons.   They were so close when inverted that the springs would have been hitting each other when hitting bumps.  I also had to turn the tuning knob to the outside because the other way would have had the knobs hitting. The […]

QA1 Coilovers arrived

Yesterday the shipment from Dan Ruth came in with my QA1 Coilovers. I did not get much time to work on the Hot Rod but I did take a few minutes and got the front shocks and spacers into place.     The bolts are not torqued yet as I am planning on pulling everything […]

Front end almost there.

So yesterday I did not sleep well so I got up and went to work early…  Real early, which means I was able to leave work early and work on the Hot Rod when I got home.  I was able to get the front brakes mounted and the steering rack and tie rod ends all […]

Front end getting closer

I was able to work on the front end again last night. Got the control arms on, grease zerks put on and then I put the spindles and hubs on.  None of the control arms bolts are torqued, but all of the bolts connected to the  spindle are.  I am going to pick up a […]

Suspension going in

So today I started working on the front suspension. Basically that includes the upper and lower control arms mounted to the frame.  Nothing is torqued though, once I know everything is correct I will pull out the torque wrench and do the final work.  I had three out of four done when the wife called […]

Slowly I turned (the wrench)

  So things are moving slowly.   I have only had a chance to spend working on the car part of a day.  I laid out everything I have for the front suspension. I was going to start putting everything together and got the lower control arms built.  Then I decided that I was going […]