Getting close to starting the motor

So yesterday I finished the plumbing and plugged all the leaks in the cooling system. That mostly involved putting on a couple hose clamps on the short heater hose I am using to bypass the heater core.  Then putting a couple plugs in a couple holes in the heads.   With that done I started […]

Back to wiring

So I went back to wiring once the wheels were ordered.  I cut a small square of sheet metal and put a couple holes in it and then filed across it. I then drilled the four holes and mounted the cut-off switch on it.         Next step was to drill a larger […]

A little closer on the wiring

I got a little closer to completing the wiring under the dash. The ignition, light switch, dimmer petal, and gauge control unit are all done now. I think the only thing I have left under the dash is the AC unit and the brake switch.             I did get the […]

A long working weekend

This weekend the weather was awesome, versus being 98 or higher.  I was able to get into the garage and work on the Hot Rod both Saturday and Sunday for quite a while. The first thing I worked on was the wiring and figuring out where to mount it.  A quick trip to Lowes got […]

Back to wiring

I got back to the wiring now that I have the body on hand. When we set the body on the frame I saw right away that I was going to have to move my fuse box. The body was sitting on it and it was showing. So I unscrewed it from the frame and […]

More on the headlights

As promised I did get some additional pictures of the headlights. They are a Union Pacific combo unit with LED turn signals and parking lights built in. That way I don’t have to have more lights mounted on the cars front end. The buckets had to be modified because the lights are not made for […]

Stage 2 ordered and work goes on

So we ordered stage 2 at the first of June and it is scheduled to be completed on July 28th. Stewart Transport has said that they are planning to pick up on July 30th to Aug 3rd and delivery will then be 7 to 10 days.  It just depends on what order they go onto […]

Wires Everywhere!

Yeah, there are wires everywhere.  I mounted the fuse box to the left of the steering wheel but it might have to change before the body goes on.  I think it might stick out about an inch to far and will not clear the dash.  But it is close to where it will be mounted […]

Wires Everywhere!

So even though I don’t yet have a method of mounting the fuse box I still wanted to start on the wiring. At least get things ran where they need to be and put into a wire loom. I hung the fuse box using some cable ties in the location where it is normally mounted.  This […]

More Wire Harness

I opened up the new wire harness yesterday and was going to start running some wires.  What I figured out really quick though was I do not have a sheet metal plate to mount it to.   Apparently when you tell Factory Five to delete the wire harness they also delete the sheet metal.  So […]

My wire harness.

  My wire harness has came in.   It is an American Autowire setup that I got via Dan Ruth.  Besides the wire harness he suggested another ignition switch and lock cylinder.       Wire Harness $290.00 ( Universal Gauge harness $75.00 (…on-harness-kit) Ignition Switch $34.00 (…on-switch-5049) Lock Cylinder and Keys $19.00 (…-cylinder-keys)