New tools for me! :-)

This Christmas everyone gave me money for the Hot Rod instead of trying to figure out what I wanted.  So I used the first of it to get a new tool.   So there you have it…  My first welder!   I picked up a MIG\Wire welder at the Chinese Slave labor Tool Company (Harbor Freight).   It’s […]

Do a little dance

After picking up the block and pistons I stopped at the Chinese Slave Labor Tool company (Harbor Freight) and picked up a press. After the work last night I put the press together and pressed out the wrist pins from the connecting rods. Once I got it together and started working on getting to the […]

Suspension going in

So today I started working on the front suspension. Basically that includes the upper and lower control arms mounted to the frame.  Nothing is torqued though, once I know everything is correct I will pull out the torque wrench and do the final work.  I had three out of four done when the wife called […]

I love my wife!

  So while at Lowe’s the other day my wife stopped me to look at some tool boxes.  She said she thought I needed a new one and my birthday was coming up.  It’s not like she has not given me anything recently…  I mean she did let me order the Hot Rod to begin […]